JABOOM was formed in 2002, after a few old men in the neighborhood were reflecting on their misspent youth and thinking - "what if" and someone said "Let's start a band!"

Ultimately there were six guys all within a 3 block area that were ready to rock! Since that time we've had some turnover, but four of the original six still remain and Joe has been with us since 2003! We had ALL been to too many weddings with DJ's playing stuff we didn't recognize. We knew there were others out there dying for good old Rock and Roll. We decided we were going to provide the Classic Rock for our generation and all generations who could appreciate LIVE rock and roll. We're a bit too old to duplicate the attitudes of our younger years, but that probably isn't all bad. In fact, there haven’t been any stabbings, rapes, or arson at any of our shows - a claim the Rolling Stones can only dream of.

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